Karma Black

Karma announces “Karma Black.”

Karma Black, a specialized version of our popular KarmaGO hotspot, will provide state-of-the-art security features to allow for anonymous secure browsing to protect against online data collection and behavior tracking. Karma Black will provide anonymous browsing (Tor), integrated Virtual Private Network (VPN), black listing and ad blocking on our new Karma connected device. Karma Black encrypts your web activity, hides your physical location, hides your identity and provides an additional layer of protection against threats such as invasive advertising, malware and viruses. Karma Black is like an invisibility cloak for our customers who are surfing public internet anywhere they go.

I use the Karma frequently, so of course I am interested in this version, though I’d have to see more about what they are doing, because I can personally configure most of this myself, but my device is registered to me. We’ll see.