Kids These Days

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Here are reading notes for “Kids These Days” by Malcolm Harris.

The introductory chapter lays out a broad thesis, and I generally agree with all the points made. To the point of freaking me out. OMFG, am I a product of my generation?!

All the things I want to point out are about myself:

  • I attended over 20 public educational institutions prior to graduating American High School
  • We homeschool out kid, for many reason, half of which are informed by my experiences (and half by @susan’s).
  • I’m slow.

And fuck meds for fidgeting.

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I’ve started reading Kids These Days to @susan aloud, a general shift in our home to use the spoken word to read books as a group, which I recommend. :slight_smile:

We just read 2.1 and 2.2, so I guess… fuck college! :face_with_monocle:


did yall finish it?

I’m tripping: I thought I had updated here about this, maybe it is in a log somewhere.

No. :slight_smile:

The sentiment was: this book was only telling us (@susan and I) what we already knew (or supported), while any possible solution for education seems suddenly uncertain, given the pandemic.

I liked it, but I lost inertia.

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