Lore: Malat and Surroundings

Long ago, Hyrcania sent colonists out to the jungle-shrouded isle of Kommagene. They founded Tylos on the vast island’s south coast, just across from the Arambene Peninsula.

Frustrated with Hyrcanian exploitation, a band of fabulously wealthy merchant princes left Tylos with their fleets to found their own city. On Kommagene’s north coast they found a vast ruined city, entirely abandoned. With mercenaries and venture bands, the merchant princes slaughtered the creatures that had occupied the ruins over the long centuries and founded Malat.

Over the last two centuries, small villages sprang up on the coast around Malat, like Bandar Khora, which simply means “Port Wall.” When fisher folk arrived at Port Wall, they found a tall defensive wall of cunningly fitted white stone surrounding the ruins of a once-tall tower. (Had it once been a watchtower built by those who built Malat millennia ago? A lighthouse?)

Bandar Khora may be one of the best defended fishing villages around.

The original ancient city that Malat now occupies may have once stretched all the way down to Port Wall, but the intervening ruins are mostly rubble and have been consumed by thick forests and jungle.

Further down the coast is the village of Makhaira.