Lore: The Elves and their Ships

@malatesta I should be clear… heh I have zero expectation that my real reasons for adventuring ever will come up. I just like the motivation.

I’m not expecting an intricate plot around my character. OR AM I? (No, I’m really not.)

@tim - Highly unusual, very evocative. I love planting character-related stuff in game, so expect it to come up some way, somehow!

Can we plan to try a first session next Tuesday? As in a week from today.

I want to pad the party a little. Could you guys each pick a class of character you want to see accompany you? Extra credit for a short description of who it is.

@tim I was thinking about elves and how they arrive on ships mysteriously. Would you be okay with saying that you don’t know what your life was before you arrived on a mysterious ship? Here’s what I was thinking: elves of varying ages arrive on the shores of many regions on mysterious lantern-laden ships. They disembark at their destination, but they don’t know where they were before or why they arrived. Once they disembark, they disperse to make their lives however they can. Their inhuman appearance, shrouded past and inhuman abilities lead most to be rather remote from human and other civilizations, though obviously like your character some break the mold and integrate, more or less, into the societies around them.

What if it’s a secret where the elves come from? Theories are they come from an island far away, but no one has ever seen it, or been able to find it?

Older elves never discuss it, even upon torture/death. Elves born ‘here’ don’t know, and aren’t told. Just occasionally, (and rarer and rarer nowadays) an amazing type of ship will come in the evening, with strangely colored lamps adorned on the bow, and elves will embark.

Really cool idea, Tim, I like it. It gives a good route to bring elves into
the setting, keeps them alien, and maintains a mystery…

This is awesome! I am all for it.

Also, it’d be neat if they’re all deeply uncomfortable about it. If pressed maybe they’ll admit it, but whatever had them lose their memories, trying to prod their own recollections near it is… horrible for them. Like getting near a super bad memory they try to suppress.

An idea: elves go into a trance in part from searching for their pasts. It is notes in the Player’s Handbook their dreams are actually mental exercises; perhaps those are the keys to their lost memory. I also suggest that they be High Elves, to indicate their magical and linguistic connection, which seems like it would be even more unnerving in this world!