Lunar New Year in Guild Wars 2!

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There is an in-game celebration going on for the Canthan Lunar New Year happing for Guild Wars 2. Clover was asking me this morning which holiday came after Wintersday, so now we know!

Cantha is a fictional nation based on historical cultures from Eastern Asia, its name probably derived from the Guangdong province, formerly romanised as Canton. In the original Guild Wars it was a complete game on its own, with a fantastic imperial city and really interesting wilderness areas (an entire sea was turned to jade!), but it is no longer accessible in Guild Wars 2 due to in-game justifications.

The Lunar New Year from Cantha of course matches the Chinese New Year! As all the holidays in Guild Wars are accompanied with mini-games and themed consumables, Lunar New Year gets fireworks and red envelopes and I’m sure something else but who cares: fireworks!

We’ve decided Clover isn’t going to watch me play violent video games, but we still play holiday games in GW2 if there isn’t combat involved. This will be our first Lunar New Year celebration, I am sure e is looking forward to it! :slight_smile: