Maker Faire halts operations and lays off all staff – TechCrunch

Yeah, blah blah, tears…

But Dougherty is still desperately trying to resuscitate the company in some capacity, if only to keep MAKE:’s online archive running and continue allowing third-party organizers to license the Maker Faire name to throw affiliated events. Rather than bankruptcy, Maker Media is working through an alternative Assignment for Benefit of Creditors process.

“We’re trying to keep the servers running” Dougherty tells me. “I hope to be able to get control of the assets of the company and restart it. We’re not necessarily going to do everything we did in the past but I’m committed to keeping the print magazine going and the Maker Faire licensing program.” The fate of those hopes will depend on negotiations with banks and financiers over the next few weeks. For now the sites remain online.

Emphasis mine. This is the kind of bullshit that keeps happening, but if anyone cares about the maker info contained on that site, grab it now. Because it’s IP, it doesn’t belong to the public. So copy something, go make a better version of it, and post it somewhere (maybe here!).


Thats tragic seeming they seemed like a great group of people.

dang this really sucks :frowning: