Making a website: some parts!

I have notes all over the place, I’m constantly jotting down ideas on how’d I’d collect and show something on the web. So this thread will be capturing and discussing those ideas. :slight_smile:

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These are distinct things I do. Or maybe someone else does, but I like talking about. I have a whole structure for these, since I use this concept in my work. It’s just that projects go beyond what “work” means.

project create

A choose your own adventure project build form. Asks all the questions needed to start a new project, but with RPG elements.

Have specific questions for different topics (WordPress, Hugo, hosting, digital safety).


These are memos, tagged as such, and then a partial checks if a changelog also has another tag, and loads a widget based on it, probably pointing to a changelog index.

This is an older note, and I kinda like using #changelog for discussion. I think the thing I like is having an archive of relevant changelogs, so I can find them without going to GitHub.

Getting Started

A page explaining the features of interi, the how and why basics, and jumping off narratives.

Direct to interesting projects, and keep updated, link to interi project for details with initial intro.


I registered so many years ago. And while I want to intro it by time, the fact of the matter is that this instance of maiki is different from the one that started it.


Oh, I love this one! The idea is, because folks are always talking at and past each other, sometimes elementary info is taken for granted and new folks don’t know it even exists. Then they ask about it. Again and again and again.

So I’d like to make pages that answer those questions. And encourage others to do the same, so we can direct folks to non-tracking websites that make their lives easier.


  • people - real humans
  • characters - entities from fiction
  • paracosm - given reality
  • orgs - groups of people, such as companies or clubs
  • games - games, of all sorts!
  • issues - things to be concerned about
  • concepts - ideas, explained
  • words - definitions
  • warez - hard or soft, listed here
  • projects - for management

I am not going with this scheme, but I wanted to share it nonetheless.

See, the reason I want those is so I can link different documents together. Depending on the doc, different connections will emphasized; that’s my responsibility as a webcrafter and documentarian.

My favorite implementation of this is in MediaWiki, and categories. You can just tag something and it adds it to a directory or gives a jump off point to build one.

Because I use Hugo, I plan to take advantage of related content and simple queries to attach distinct documents together, but without creating near empty taxonomy pages.


Oh, this is a great thing! Basically, I’m gonna run some slow boards. For things like job listings, folks for hire, announcements, events, whatever.

Why would someone post on So many reasons:

  • Simple, brutalist design
  • No invasive activities
  • Curated by maiki (which is great if you are into it!)
  • Better listings
  • No security breaches

Here’s what I’m thinking: I create some web forms that structure information in ways that are useful. They generate a text file that a person can use for whatever. But if they email it to me, I’ll drop it in my site and it will be posted to the live internet!

And I would of course hope this caught on and became an amazing thing, and I could just post complete documents to the open web. So I’ll ask for donations! But only after someone mails me a post. If someone gives me monies, it isn’t tied to a database telling a story about a customer. And while plain text email may present an issue, folks are also emailing public documents… so the onus is on a would be submitter to take precautions to somehow anonymously post a document that I thought was okay to go online… yeah, that all works out fine for me. :slight_smile:

As for the actual posts, I’ll probably stash posts in content/boards/$month/, and drop the posts in the month they are set to expire. That way every month I can remove the months older than 3 and they will have already expired.

I plan on using a boards taxonomy, because that is certainly what it is. I considered making boards a section, with distinct sub-sections for type, like jobs, events, etc. But these posts are digital chaff, and temporal ordering is easier to maintain. I’ll probably set type to match certain terms, but I’m using web forms to create these files, it’s flexible.

I’ve played around with the idea of a “highlighted” feature, and might still do that. But not for payment, probably just something I find particularly interesting. I’ll experiment.

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