MTHFR mutation

in 2016, a doctor ordered several tests for me after i’d gone in several times for severe fatigue and falling asleep at work. one of those tests was for EBV antibodies and that test came back with 3 out of 4 positive, and at that time i was diagnosed with mono; this has evolved in the last few years after seeing more doctors, including an infectious diseases specialist, into a diagnosis of CFIDS.

one of the other tests from that visit in 2016, though, was for a genetic mutation in a gene called MTHFR. it came back confusing. i have one of the two mutations or something. i did not follow up with that doctor for three years. when i did, she sent back:

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry that you are feeling so tired still.

The best people to do a thorough treatment for the MTHFR mutation are naturopaths. I just do not have their skills. Jenny Mann is a wonderful provider here in the city. She used to work with us when we had integrative services

While you are waiting, please start a gluten and dairy free diet and take 1000mcg of a methylated sublingual b12 supplement and a methylated folic acid 400mcg daily. Your body cannot absorb regular b12 and folic acid hence the methylated supplements. integrative therapeutics is a good place to buy these.

last year after i got this message from her, i actually did start taking the methylated sublingual b12 and methylated folic acid supplements, but i think i kept it up for maybe a week max. i don’t even know where those bottles are anymore. i completely forgot about it until looking up medical messages just now. i haven’t looked for a naturopath. i haven’t tried those dietary changes.

i think i’m posting this publicly in hopes that someone like discriminates against hiring me on the basis of having a genetic mutation lol. no, i’m not actually an accelerationist

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Which regex library should I use to shorten cuss words while still getting the point across?

Use a MTHFR mutation. It gets the mthfr done!

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Oh wow, those are two really big changes.

My partner is Celiac so we’ve been gluten free for ~ 6 years. It’s kinda hard at times, but the good news is there are way more GF options now!