Name a website that impressed you

I am starting to plan out a new design for my website. After some soul searching I realized that my ideas won’t fit into a pre-existing WordPress theme, and I need to start building one.

I am pretty clear on how I want posts and custom content to look and feel, and of course I will endeavor to make it as accessible and useful as possible. Once I get a repo going I will share that.

There is one aspect that I can’t quite decide, though, and that is landing or informative pages. Specifically, I don’t know how I want the front page to look. I want it to be easy to read and serve as a launching point for the different sections on my site, with a strong emphasis on the work and play that is my life.

I started looking at websites that I frequent, but I wanted broader exposure to what folks find useful or pretty or interesting or maybe just something that stood out for them.

So please, share with me an inspirational design. Or something tragic and ugly that must be avoided at all costs. :slight_smile: