Narascope, the annual interactive fiction conference is going free and virtual.

They are light on the actual details but the announcement is here: NarraScope 2020 has been virtualized - NarraScope

I am particularly interested in the online high-speed Inform 7 boot camp and the Graham Nelson semnar. Which certainly will atleast contain a status update, on them cutting the next version of Inform, which is due to be FLOSS. ( And running six months late ).


May interest @judytuna

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And @malatesta.

And possibly @fuuko.


Well I slipped into the Inform 7 Boot Camp. I was checking daily on how to register, and was on their mailing list. But when it opened it filled up quick. I thought I was on a waitlist for an opening, but got an email this morning saying im in.

I guess this means im also poised to be part of the gamejam between the boot camp and the conference now?

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As am asside I will say. Managing a university LMS right now full time, Taking a full load of summer classes, trying to participate in the froodiest bits of the conference virtually and trying to participate in the gamejam is proving difficult, time wise. Though im hanging in there, and enjoying it. ( The inform/narrascope bits anyway. )

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Your updates on your project have been great. :slight_smile:

Actually the thing I was making durring the bootcamp and the thing im making for the gamejam ended up being two different things, for reasons.

I need to explain more about the gamejam thing im working on.


I missed this post entirely, thank you for bringing my attention to it, @maiki! (I wonder if we should combine threads? leaving separate for now in case the other one is more about discussion of that particular talk, and this one is about @trashHeap’s experience of the virtual conference)

SO cool that you went to it!

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