Offline archives of hypertext repos

Suddenly got really interested in producing offline hypertext repos. Because I’d like to see how I could distribute them via various package managers.

You could keep a blog this way. You could keep a group blog this way. Folks just update when they feel like it.

I’d like to keep a version of as an offline archive. Not sure about binary assets, maybe an additional repo?

I also want to learn how progressive web apps will adapt to WASM and other web engines that aren’t javascript. Can we can HTML archives that smartly interact with a web server to update the local cache, in a way that we all expect? I really like the idea of hypertext document books having all the strengths of HTML, with the ability to update in a way that respects the users (and server processes!).

And if they are exposed at the browser level, you could push our your doc, and the user-agent would decide how and when to update. We really should be looking more into UA-UI.

Package manager of distributed (and or offline) version control? Im picturing libraries of subject matter available as git or fossil repos offline or online.

I think version control would be a strength here; because users could roll back any change they need to while still have all possible versions of the document at their fingertips.

Our fantasy web browser needs a local-file-system git protocol transport. Probably with an option to fetch updates from the remote origin.

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i didn’t have anything to add but this, and i didn’t even really commit to the joke. really force pushing it here. can you blame me?


We are artists! And I remember setting a 20 character response minimum. It keeps nonsense like our sidebars from getting out of hand. And we can always edit in post!

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I’ve started using fossil, and it’s kinda amazing. In that sincere, slow burn way. Like, it challenges the way Silicon Valley approaches every problem, and on top of that tends to make more sense than git.

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i forgot about this. i remain proud of my drawing of a fossil. did i use a notes app on my phone and draw with my fingertip?? glad you reminded us. glad you’re enjoying fossil!

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