On the Future of Wesnoth - The Battle for Wesnoth Forums


Hello, all.

As an open-source effort with a nearly 17 years long history, the Battle for Wesnoth Project has seen many people come and go — people with many ideas, some of them completed, others still in progress, others abandoned. All this is normal and to be expected of an organization developing software of this caliber in a fully volunteer-driven fashion. But sometimes, people’s ideas and the Project’s long-term goals clash and it is then that it becomes necessary to establish some semblance of order to make sure everyone is on the right path. It is no secret that in recent times this has proven increasingly difficult due to our informal project structure, and this has sown no small amount of confusion, particularly among our player base and User Made Content creators.

The first thing I want to re-state is that the Battle for Wesnoth Project is not going away. All of us in the development team are committed to improving the game in all of its aspects: its engine, playable content, art, music, sound effects, translations, and most importantly, its community.

Secondly, as part of a joint decision with the Board of Directors, currently comprised of Pentarctagon, Soliton, and I, following the November 2019 elections; the Project’s active members of the Development Team, and the Wesnoth.org Staff Members, we have decided to re-structure the Project to ensure that we are all on the same path at all times going forward.

The first Battle for Wesnoth Project Constitution has been unanimously approved with 20 votes in favor from the aforementioned people. It is now available on this website for your perusal in a convenient format, while its authoritative source version shall be hosted on GitHub along with the rest of the Project’s output and resources.

The Development Team and the Board of Directors shall coordinate the first Project Manager elections within the next few days, and the new Project Manager will be responsible for appointing developers as members of the Project Council, as well drafting a Development Roadmap for Wesnoth 1.16 once elected. As usual, watch this space for further updates from the team.

Thank you all for your continued support over the years.