Online Security Guide for Journalists

Whether you cover the CIA or city hall, journalism is as much about keeping secrets as exposing them. We created this online security guide to help democracy’s defenders defend themselves too.

Pretty straightforward advice:

  • Choose strong passwords
  • Don’t ignore your recovery accounts
  • Use two-factor authentication whenever possible
  • Encrypt your devices
  • Secure your backups
  • Use encrypted services
  • Protect your internet traffic
  • Be vigilant (a bunch of sub points included here)

Having listed those points out, it makes me wonder if we could create a “threat matrix”, kinda like a tiered service product feature table, where you look up your role or threat level, and then it show check boxes for required elements.

For me, that would be an exercise for finding out what industry leaders or security experts expect people to do. I expect nearly all steps for myself. I take most security measures, up to things involving a safe or safety deposit box…

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