Package Chicken Scheme for Mageia

Chicken Scheme is the main scheme dialect ive been putzing around with. Its been a little bit annoying that it isn’t available in Mageia’s repos though. Which is a strange omission as it’s available in a lot of obscure other OSes. Im also pretty used to compiling it by hand when needed though, and unofficial Mageia prebuilt packages can be pulled down from the Open Suse Build Services. (Which is what I have been doing).

Though I recently juggled my partition scheme and after reinstalling the fact that no official packages exist slappened my brain again. It behooves me to correct this, and ive stumbled through one or two packaging attempts in other places before. So I should solve this problem for good.

Grok the official Mageia RPM packaging documentation.
Build personal packages for Chicken Scheme to the doc’s standards.
Inquire upstream with the Mageia community about making these official packages if their up to snuff.

Started to do this, in bits and spurts a while back. But then moved to KDE Neon, which has Chicken Scheme packaged. Im unlikely to create a Mageia virtual machine for this goal. So im thinking I should withdraw it.

@maiki what is the propper procedure for that? Delete the whole quest ? Or mark it abandoned in some way.

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I leave it. I only close them if as a quest they seem to not work. This seems like a good quest, and by hosting it we help future questers see the work already done (for instance, you provide three distinct steps, which is a great headstart!).

If no one glances at it again, we’ll see it in about 4 years, when it becomes the daily reminded quest. :slight_smile:

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