Peripherals Update: Designed for Atari VCS, in partnership with PowerA

peripherals for the Atari VCS!

I very much adore the concept of microconsoles and I really dig the aesthetic of the Atari VCS.

However I am kind of still uncertain on if it is real or not. Their was a lot of suspicious shenanigans that occured very early on in it’s crowdfunding thing that raised some serious red flags.

I’d be curious to hear from people if theyve addressed any of that?

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The failure to create anything beyond a PC in an Atari-branded box is, we are told, the result of penny-pitching.

The sad thing is; I was hoping even if a failure they would be make delightful Kodi or Emulation boxes. I kinda think there is a market (albeit small one) for that semi-powerful PC in an Atari branded box.

I never backed but id being lying if I said I hadnt been following it with some interest.


First I entered the “paperless” society and we don’t use paper for anything anymore, so I was thinking the same thing would happen for bespoke hardware design after we all have personal 3D printers, as we all obviously do.

I only bemoan the fact it is illegal to 3D print books! In hindsight, we should have made making a million dollars a year running a crowdfunded company into the ground illegal. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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