Photobucket Is Holding People's Photos For "Ransom"

This really stinks for their users, and is another example of why self-hosting has long term value.

Without reading that, it looks like the title could be, “Photobucket closes after class-action suit”.

If you’re unfamiliar, the photo hosting site was popular in the early and mid aughts, and was the service of choice for Myspace users. Since that site’s decline, Photobucket has become infinitely less important to most people on the internet, who no longer have the need for web-based photo storage. Because, you know, we have phones and Instagram and the cloud now.

How is Photobucket not “the cloud”?

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I am pretty sure they meant something else. Right @judytuna? :slight_smile:

In other news, I’ve been playing around with the notion of moving my site’s media onto the Internet Archive. I saw a bunch of folks with podcasts hosted there! Can anyone think of a reason to not do that?

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