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From Middle French plate-forme (“a flat form”), from plate (“flat”) (from Old French plat , from Ancient Greek πλατύς (platús, “flat”)) + forme (“form”) (from Latin fōrma (“shape; figure; form”)); compare flatscape .

No, anything with a flat API. :slight_smile:


platform ( plural platforms )

  1. A raised stage from which speeches are made and on which musical and other performances are made. quotations ▼
  2. A raised floor for any purpose, e.g. for workmen during construction, or formerly for military cannon.
  3. A place or an opportunity to express one’s opinion; a tribune.

This new talk show will give a platform to everyday men and women.

  1. A kind of high shoe with an extra layer between the inner and outer soles.
  2. (figuratively) Something that allows an enterprise to advance; a foundation or stage. quotations ▼
  3. (automobiles) A set of components shared by several vehicle models.
  4. (computing) A particular type of operating system or environment such as a database or other specific software, and/or a particular type of computer or microprocessor, used to describe a particular environment for running other software, or for defining a specific software or hardware environment for discussion purposes. quotations ▼

That program runs on the X Window System platform .

  1. (geology) A flat expanse of rock, often the result of wave erosion.
  2. (nautical) A light deck, usually placed in a section of the hold or over the floor of the magazine.
  3. (politics) A political stance on a broad set of issues, which are called planks.
  4. (travel) A raised structure from which passengers can enter or leave a train, metro etc. quotations ▼
  5. (obsolete) A plan; a sketch; a model; a pattern.

And of course Platform - Wikipedia.

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