Play Love Letter (vanilla or Adventure Time)

Continuing the discussion from judy excavates:

Not the Adventure Time one yet, no! But I find the textured Jake-face bag and colorful gemstones very appealing.

I also played the vanilla game once or twice some years ago and found it fun, and I was exposed to it because my board game convention-going friend highly recommended it as a casual and fun and low-commitment game among coworkers who weren’t necessarily “gamers” (what is a gamer? language is hard), so I had a high opinion of this game just following him. I have had a high rate of success following him in sundry trends such as the decorator pattern in object-oriented programming, jetbrains IDEs, the imperial radch trilogy by ann leckie (it starts with Ancillary Justice, which completely and utterly annihilated my mind in the best way), sloths, BEM-style CSS, standardization of naming conventions, test-driven development, cucumber sometimes, and pair programming. So that is why I have such high confidence in this game. lol.

This quest’s completion criteria:

  • play Love Letter a few times, maybe with different people
  • write something about how I feel about it for @trashHeap.

Achievement points will be awarded for playing it with aforementioned friend who I haven’t seen in a while and really miss actually.