Privacy Badger in Firefox for Android, update disabled

Ran into a strange scenario with Privacy Badger:

Okay, let’s try reloading…

Will have to check at laptop. Thoughts?

Could be be related to a bad cert renewal within Mozilla’s infrastructure. Its impacting a lot of Firefox users and all extensions right now: Your Firefox extensions are all disabled? That's a bug! - gHacks Tech News

EDIT: Setting “xpinstall.signatures.required” to false in about:config and restarting the browser is an ugly hack of a solution, but is less headachy than some of the json edits mentioned in the comments of the article. I also don’t know if Mozilla Studies is available on unofficial builds or all platforms; which is for some reason how Mozilla is pushing the official quick bandaid.

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And according to Mozilla documentation only works on Nightly, Developer Edition and ESR versions of Firefox. What-a-mess. Add-on signing in Firefox | Firefox Help


I’m downloading firefox-66.0.4-1.fc29 | Build Info | koji as I am not wanting to wait for it, but gah it has been days…

Ah, much better…


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A whole bunch of really creepy companies just got a taste of what they’ve been missing…

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