Pushing RSS to pump.io (how do I do this?)

Hey @mlinksva and @cwebber, how would I go about publishing my RSS feed to a pump.io account?

I had a recipe for this before, but I can’t find the packages I knew of. I am considering using various social media networks as alternatives to feed readers for the folks that use them, and I am not going to load up on closed networks before I have my federated eggs in a row.

Aside: federated omelets.

I suspect I’ll need a a small server to poll my site, and then a pump account somewhere that has a security cert installed in a certain way (I couldn’t use this on jpope’s instance because of the SNI setup, but that feels like the cert dark ages now…).

I was hoping one of you could point me in the right direction, or point other folks to this thread. I can also be reached at maiki@interi.org. :slight_smile:

Copied to note by Mike Linksvayer - Identi.ca

Spigot is what I was looking for, as Laura pointed out. Now to find a small host to run python, and a stable pump.io instance

Finally got this set up, and now waiting to see if the cron works (it is set to once an hour). So check it out, if that is your cup of tea: https://microca.st/maiki :slight_smile:

And of course as soon as I get this working, identi.ca goes down… not sure what I was expecting, but I guess that isn’t the worse that could happen. :slight_smile:

Heh. It’s back up. I commented and reshared above note.

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