REALLY learn Vi/Vim

Ive mostly used nano / pico / emacs. I know just enough in vim to get by on most BSDs to edit a few config files before installing emacs.

I’d like to learn it as a more serious tool.

Vim Adventures - this is my favorite level 0 for vim. ngl i kind of wish it was longer, theres other learning games out there too.

Kana’s Levels of Vim provide a guided progression to getting better. some guy named Daniel Miessler Dot Com wrote a general get-yourself-up-and-running guide that doesnt seem very overwhelming. (Although, fwiw, I don’t believe in jj/jk as insert mode escapes, and as I’m usually not using anyone else’s keyboard I’d prefer to make my Caps Lock key send ESC across my OS rather than his suggestions for jj/jk for escape and switching capslock<>control. Both paradigms are popular tho.)

Here are some cool things about copy-paste buffers. Depending on how you organize your brain you may want to get good about efficiently flipping back and forth across files with ctags, common approach to code navigation, or perhaps you need visual organization of your files with splits.

Don’t worry about these until you’re craving them:


My current setup* relies on a bunch of Shougo plugins including Unite for file browsing, and its a little bit clumsy and unideal and plus Shougo retires their plugins so quickly and Unite is deprecated. Still need to find myself a replacement.

*private, i’ll link it anyways in case i open it up soon


I learned few new tricks from Why I love Vim: It’s the lesser-known features that make it so amazing.

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