Regarding reverie and anarchy

Danny O'Brien's Oblomovka » Blog Archive » reverie and anarchy got me excited about a few concepts floating around, but I also just wanted to point it out to a bunch of folks that I know are cyberpunks in their itchy little digital hearts: the post reads like someone just about to break the fourth wall in Gibson novel, if only they can figure out the right combination of drugs (urban planning), weaponry (memories) and target (unsure if that is Colin Ward or Danny…).

Anyhow, here are a bunch of things I haven’t thought about in a while:

I’m more comfortable now that I’ve just been chasing bright shapes on the horizon that were always being projected from just behind me.

Is it Saturday already? Yep, time to have that realization again!

Last thought of the moment, and a video:

My memories are also playing more often, unsolicited. I thought they are aligning with Clover’s new memories. But then @susan talked to some other people that just drink coffee for breakfast, and now I think maybe I am just getting older. After all:

I’ve started detecting one of those biological changes that no-one can quite prepare you for, even though their existence is almost a cliché: in this case, the increasing clarity and number of my early memories.

I am gonna hold out on a verdict, because Danny could be lying, acting under a false assumption, motivated by implanted memories, or the whole thing may be so experiential that we can only wink and nod at each other while hoping someone, anyone, feels the same odd, twisted, scrutinized connection to reality as we do.

Cyberpunk AF.

Oh yeah, check out this video: File:New Town COI.ogv - Wikipedia