remove the ugly line that happens when i tile my background in a background-image on a website

I want to tile a background image, but I don’t like the line. I don’t want to use cover because making it bigger or smaller doesn’t really work, and it might be unlimited tall.

I think I need a code sample and the image in question to proceed. :slight_smile:

body.opal-bg {
  background-image: url("/img/opal-bg.png");

i’m looking at this tutorial:

but i got sidetracked because i had to download gimp, and the direct download link didn’t work, so i had to download deluge so i could torrent it. i have gimp now. lol

edit: wow, that was surprisingly easy.

Go up to Filters again and choose Filters>Map>Make Seamless.

in the intervening 9 years since this tutorial went up, the menu items have changed to

Filters > Map > Tile Seamless…

howwwwwww though? did it copy and paste bits of the edges and stick them on the opposite edges so that it would tile? check it out, no ugly lines from tiling the image anymore…

Ah, well seems in graphics are a graphics thing. The web part could set the image so it doesn’t tile. Otherwise, yep, the image has to tile. Ganbatte!

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