Ren'Py 6.99.14 Released

Some of the improvements are:

  • The performance of Ren’Py has been improved in multiple ways, and the apparent
    responsiveness has been improved even more.
  • A new multiple character dialogue system makes it possible for multiple
    characters to display dialogue on the screen at once.
  • A new GUI preference system works with the new GUI to make it easier to create
    preferences that customize the look of the Ren’Py GUI.
  • A new tooltip system makes it easier to write tooltips.
  • Ren’Py now supports TLS on multiple platforms, making it possible to use HTTPS
    to connect to servers to transfer game data.

Some of those sound really neat! I can’t find my very old demo game, and I am not starting a new creative project in Ren’Py at this moment, but I plan to after a couple things fall into place. :slight_smile:

I’ve released Ren’Py, a release focused on improving Ren’Py performance (both perceived and actual) by improving image prediction. This is done in a number of ways, such as reducing unnecessary locking, reducing memory usage by reducing duplication and only storing non-transparent portions of the image in memory, increasing the amount of memory used for by the image cache, and more.

I’ve released Ren’Py, a release that adds support for the Atom text editor to Ren’Py. Atom is a modern and approachable editor with support for a number of features, like code folding.


Full notes at Changelog (Ren'Py 7.x-) — Ren'Py Documentation.

Also, pre-release for Ren'Py