RocketChat instance name?

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I want to set up a RocketChat instance for It will be gaming-centric (that is what the “g” stands for, anyhow…).

I am looking forward to getting a chat bot with dice-rolling hooked up there, but the first thing I need is a domain name.

Imagine each of these in front of

  • chat
  • telepathy
  • play
  • orb
  • line (like a party line!)
  • something else

The routes in RC include channels, so something might be

Thoughts? ?

I also like orb

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Tavern sounds like a channel, ie

I like playing with the mage aspect (as is obvious from my initial list), but I wonder if a detached meaning would be helpful here. Such as

Taverns also have a drinking association, which I personally feel is exclusive, so I will just go ahead and emotionally veto that. :slight_smile:

We have, and #mage-party, for long form, mailing-list style posting. Because I kinda associate this with “talking” I avoid using talk as a sub-domain.

Maybe we can just use Then folks will just say, “Meet up on magechat next Tuesday at UTC whenevs…”

Sometimes it feels a lot easier to not be clever… :crazy_face:

I’m tracking with you.

Comms or chat both work for me!

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We set up an instance at for now, since a branded chat instance isn’t that important to me at the moment. :slight_smile:

We are still setting it up, but sign up! We have auto-pruning channels and other fun stuff!

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Changing around what is, and leaving this here as a historical note concerning what came before. :slight_smile: