Science and Technology, maybe?

I’ve come across some neat articles to share, specifically around astronomy, and I am thinking of a good bucket to dump them in.

When I think of categories here I consider the actions a person can use on them: we can track them, subscribe, block and configure if it shows on the front page, etc. So any new category is really about a person’s ability to zone in on what they want to read about, in case the other content on the network are noise to them.

That is why we created Politics, while keeping Suffrage separate: a lot of politics is going to be activism and resistance, but we need a space to talk about specific legislation (in theory, of course, but I build to what I’d like to see in conversation, so…).

With that in mind, I propose Science and Technology. I would move Webcraft under it, since that is technology, but a very specific type that is a useful focus. I might move Digital Safety under it as well, since it is specific to digital safety.

After I do an initial link dump I might also consider a Hardware or similar category, because while I really enjoy discussing and archiving hardware knowledge, I know a lot of folks don’t care.

Anyhow, I am soliciting feedback. Tagging @tim, @mlinksva, @judytuna, @malatesta and @kevin, as they are the folks that visit the most often. But that means we lack cognitive diversity, so I am also tagging the folks that visit the least: @kimi, @sahilchinoy, @_fa, @5dishock and @colin.

But everyone should be bold and weigh in. :slight_smile:

Science and Technology sounds great to me.

You have my sword.

Well, this experiment in participation didn’t work out. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, we now have #scitech!