Screen door?

Anyone ever used an “instant” screen door, like this?

I reeeeeeallllyyyy want to be able to open our front door, but keep cats in and bugs out.

We may have to also get a pet fence, and move the couch so they can’t just jump over the pet fence.

We cannot get a normal outswing hinged screen door or “security door” because the awning hangs down in its path. =P That would be the best, though.

I have no such experience, but if you look at the product images, I’m not sure it is gonna work as you want:

That dog just strolled through. I mean, maybe the dog owns cats, and I’m just not reading into it enough, but regardless, it makes one paws for thought.

<maiki-drop />


and they can just push the door and get out the sides. we could hardcore velcro it down but… no. probably won’t work. lol.

maybe a sliding screen door?

sigh! i’ve already been looking at retractable screen doors at my local home depot.

they are way more than $20. augh

i got the $20 janky piece of crap. i used the tension rod at the too and velcro-stickies on the sides. the center snaps together with magnets. it does protect me against bugs! it is totally worthless for keeping cats in, and may be worse because there’s a false sense of security: we must be ever vigilant about the cats.

it’s okay for now. vis-a-vis cats i treat it as if
it doesn’t exist, so i sit in the doorway and make the cats leave if they get close. but it does keep bugs from getting in.

i bought and returned a “screen door protector” that would have been utterly useless for us.

closing for now because we don’t think we’ll pursue the expandable-retractable screen door at this time.