The Life Raft

I am proposing a new category. I figure I’d start a pattern of announcing them and asking for feedback. :slight_smile:

For folks starting a new category, you need a post to explain the category. So when proposing, we’ll include the thing we were gonna write.

The Liferaft is a place to share resources and plans for those seeking to survive, reform, and/or escape capitalism.

Capitalism is a problem, the severity of which is a fascinating topic of discussion. Those conversations belong in other categories, maybe Politics or Brainstuff! The topics posted here are expected to be in the service of others, to reach for land rather than sink the raft.

Full empathy, we are are working against human suffering!

Whatcha think? I am doing what I can to coordinate with the folks interested to help each other in specific anti-capitalist ways. I want it to be inclusive, my hopes being us poor folks can benefit from the schemes rich libertarians have figured out, while keeping the moral compass pointing towards compassion.

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sounds good to me! i learned the phrase “survival pending revolution” at the combahee river panel at a conference last year.

is this something you’d imagine me posting in the life raft? --> hey y’all, at allied media conference this year, everyone was talking about this book, emergent strategy, by adrienne maree brown (who also uses all lower-case for their name), enthusiastically, life raft-ily, so i got it, and i’ve only finished the introduction but i like it so far. it’s making me see i have a lot more to read–octavia butler, grace lee boggs being just the beginning–but i know there’s something here i want to talk about with y’all, see what does resonate, see what inspires. i’m asking our mycelium what it thinks.

I like it, would read with enthusiasm and contribute when I had something relevant to add.

Thanks @judytuna and @trashHeap! For the feedback, and for going along with this process I am trying. I am trying a form of self-care where I indulge my need to validate my ideas; lots of thoughts on that, but the gist is a lot of my passions remain inactive because I get depressed and feel alone, and it becomes a big stump, ya know?

Ha, and that wasn’t even what I was replying about!

I created #liferaft, but haven’t edited About the The Life Raft category yet. It won’t show up on the front page until it is edited, but I wanted to get yer two’s input about settings for the category. See, I like using Discourse, and I kinda like campy little friend sites that cater to the aesthetics of the group, so I was thinking we could start putting background images and logos on categories.

I’m not entirely sure of the size or what it looks like. I recalled seeing it years ago and thinking how fun it would be, but a cursory search doesn’t show any examples I can show! :slight_smile: But what would a good theme or image be for The Life Raft? Is it too soon to show the Titanic crashing into the ice berg?

The #liferaft is active. :slight_smile: