the meritocracy is a lie

we all know it, so why am i talking about it now? just cuz here’s an article: Meritocracy doesn't exist, and believing it does is bad for you

and here’s the winner of the 2010 Ig Nobel Management Prize, a paper showing that organizations would be more efficient if they just promoted at random: [0907.0455] The Peter Principle Revisited: A Computational Study

i didn’t know until just now that the term “meritocracy” came from satire The Rise of the Meritocracy - Wikipedia

The word was adopted into the English language with none of the negative connotations that Young intended it to have and was embraced by supporters of the philosophy. Young expressed his disappointment in the embrace of this word and philosophy by the Labour Party under Tony Blair in the Guardian in an article in 2001, where he states:

It is good sense to appoint individual people to jobs on their merit. It is the opposite when those who are judged to have merit of a particular kind harden into a new social class without room in it for others.[2]


this is the 2001 guardian article: Comment: Down with meritocracy | Politics | The Guardian

i am amazed