Too much, in list form

I have too many things to do. Even when I am on task, I just want to retreat and hide from my todo list.

On the work front I am realizing that I am doing certain tasks on a scheduled basis that are taking up time that could be spent automating those same tasks. A large part of that is upgrading a large site from Drupal five to version six. I am jonesing for the Trigger module.

I got Journal Cloud up to date yesterday, and spent the night trying out new modules, specifically BuddyPress. I bumped into (actually, I yelled at the guy from across the parking lot, even though I knew his voice was out) Andy Peatling at WordCamp. His presentation was exciting for me, because some of the BP modules are exactly what I wanted. The cogs and I will have to discuss the direction of that project, though. I had stepped away from fiddling with it long enough to have my views on it change.

Also, why is it that I end up ignoring my friends when I get busy with work? Shouldn’t that be the other way around? It isn’t like I feel mature or responsible for doing so. I really like my friends! Okay, time to make some phone calls (in the morning/when I wake up). See how determined I am?