tuna category request

hello! could i have a tuna category on talkgroup, please?

  • judy scratches
  • judy echoes
  • foot notes
  • media … log … club? like “i read this book” or “i’m done with yotsuba 7”
  • whereabouts of physical media log, like “i mailed this doris zine to my sister forever” or “X is borrowing Y book”
  • would like moderator privileges on it, cuz i haven’t played with those much
  • perhaps could get tuna siblings on it. lol

is this something everyone wants?

Is it called #tuna? What’s the name?

Yes, to both of those questions! :slight_smile:

#interi is my catch-all, and that line was a challenge to make folks think about it. I wanted to point out that I’ll move my media posts into the new bucket category. :slight_smile:

I love this, and want to know how to do it. I have my own system in the hypothetical works, based on my experience with ecommerce and handling inventory. But of course a simple timestamped log works. You are encouraged to experiment with those posts, so we can see how it plays out.

If we ever created a category specifically for tracking stuff (and we have so many tools to assist, templates and external forms, I even have a form wizard right here on Discourse site that we don’t use because it is kinda weird and I have nothing to do with it), I envision it as a sub-category of #liferaft. Tracking communal resources in an inviting and fun way seems like a great way to show folks the alternatives. :slight_smile:

Honestly, me too. Here’s the thing: you are a candidate for TL4 (if @tim and @trashHeap don’t block ya [ha, made that up, but again putting it out in the world that one human is making big decisions for this public comms store!]), and that means you gain Mod-like powers! ((Hahahahaha! Mod-like!))

But Discourse breaks up all of what I’d call “capabilities” into a couple or more security models. It isn’t exactly like, um, a mainstream CMS or file permissions.

However, I do want to be able to carve out little niches in categories, and there is a group mechanism; I don’t think it would scale if we wanted to open it up and let anyone create categories, because there are manual components involved. However, since we are slow I think we should consider offering one or more “groups” to each category, for further splitting permissions.

If that last paragraph doesn’t make sense, it probably will later (or not! I’ve not spent a lot of time on these! :grimacing:).

One particular use case I am interested in is having an email address mapped to a category, and use moderation. I’d like to have a member of our community to spot check new posts from outside, and have no barrier to posting by members. Not for every category, but I think that would be great for #tech-support.


Whatcha want to call it? It’s your Queendom/Tyranny/Republic/Anarchist Utopia/Whatevs!

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No objections here.

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i figured #tuna follows the convention you’ve set with #interi (or rather it turns it into a convention). it might not make sense to anyone else though. they’d have to slowly figure out that i’m a tuna, like you’re an interi.

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I’ll make this when I get home. To really mess with folks, it should be called Tuan, but use #tuna!

I’ll ping ya on jabber to fill out deets.

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Nothing will show until the post is edited at About the Tuna category. Currently nothing is particularly configured, so it is similar to #interi. @judytuna, we’ll work out any changes you want. Let me know. :slight_smile:

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