Unfamiliar scam targetting starting or desperate artists.

They target artists / dancers / models / musicians etc promoting their art via social media. They convince them to showcase their work in a local oneday event, and only ask that they buy $200-$500 worth of tickets and resell them. Making it a pay to play situation.

Their very polished, very professional looking. Their events even get covered by local news outlets at respectible locations; giving everything an air of legitimacy. They describe themselves in media as a not profit driven indepdent artist organization, but are incorporated. They are not transparent about finances.

They targeted my fiance recently. It was pretty heart breaking to watch his hopes burst trying to get some of his art showcased somewhere, but im glad their burst now and not later.

Links to testimonies by victims:

Some Reddit threads on the subject:


yikes! thanks for compiling these experiences. i walked as a runway model (lol in bare feet) for a friend’s clothing line in a raw artist showcase at 1015 folsom. i thought it was cool but i was extremely peripheral and didn’t know it was terrible.

Oh hey, I remember that! That was RAW, huh? Interesting! From what I recall, it seemed like your friend was involved with the venue/org, is that correct?

i think she was just a participant among many in that show. her partner DJed part of it.

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