Wanna do an online RPG campaign(s)?

Yes friends, this is that very referenced thread! I know some folks aren’t lucky enough to take me out for tea whenever you want, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get our game on! So let’s discuss what that looks like, and what kind of commitment we are talking about.

I want to point out Roll20. I recall it didn’t work for me when it first launched because it was tied to a Google Account, and mine had been suspended because to this day Google doesn’t accept my name. Well, they don’t require Google Accounts, and they even use WebRTC for their video feature. While I obviously prefer self-hosted and free/open software, I can stomach open protocols to play with my peeps.

So whatcha think? Had an idea for a campaign you want to try out? Just want to sling some (virtual) dice anyway you can get it? Let me know your interest, and what games you’d be down with, and really any other tools or ideas you have to make fun stories online. :slight_smile:

I happen to have just started a weekly 5e game in roll20. It’s got 5 players already, so if we want to play, I’d start another one.

5e is pretty fun and plays like 3rd edition with all the finicky shit stripped out of it, I highly recommend it.

Roll20 is a little tough, especially for DMs. You definitely need some basic graphics editing skills to make maps and tokens, I’ve been trying to manage with online resources.

We’ve been using Discord for voice chat rather than roll20’s system, because my players swear it’s better, but if you use roll20’s system at least you can see who’s talking when.

Let me know what good days and times are, I’d be down to run a game!

EDIT: As for commitment, I’d suggest once a week, 2-3 hours. I had my first 3 hour session with my online game and that felt about perfect. Previously with in person games I’d try for four hours…

Yes please! :slight_smile:

I used Roll20 last year for a couple sessions, and it worked really well. I am a-ok with using it for this.

As far as campaign… I am fine with anything, although I’d prefer not having to buy any materials. I would be interested in using Fate, just because I’ve never used it before (though I Have the Core System book from the Kickstarter). There is also OSRIC or Basic Fantasy.

If nothing else, check out the Basic Fantasy book for the cover art. It pulses with 70’s authenticity.

As far as availability, I can’t really do long weekend games. I’m more of a weeknight 2-3hr game session person.

Okay, I’ve included a poll to see find a day that works for us, to get that discussion figured out.

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

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@malatesta what is needed to play D&D 5e? Sharable PDFs are super-useful, is that something @tim and I could get from you, or maybe a class-specific play guide?

Also, is A/V important? Could I listen and type? I don’t really have space to talk aloud, especially later in the evening.

I don’t have a shareable PDF, but the rules are available here on roll20. The Wizards version of the rules are here.

PDFs should be pretty easy to find, they’re widely but not officially available.

The rules are pretty simplified from 3e/3.5 and way less tactical than 4e or Pathfinder. I’m a fan. I’ll try to look for a summary of rules changes from someone online and post it, or I can just do one myself.

I’d rather run 5e, since I’m trying to learn the system better, but I’m open to FATE or an OSR game if everyone prefers that.

As for A/V, I think audio speeds play a little, video is unnecessary unless you really want to see people’s reactions, but just chat will work great. In fact, I think it’s better in some ways since we can have a complete transcript of everything that happens rather than just dice rolls. I would suggest we all use chat instead of maiki on chat and everyone else on voice.

ETA: I’m assuming we’ve all played enough games that you guys can probably handle making your characters without a lot of instructions from me, but if you want you can just grab one of the premade characters here PDF link

Same here. Just chat is really appealing to me. :slight_smile:

I have the 5e Players Handbook already, so I am good with that. @maiki I have the PDF version too, if you want it.

Is it too early to talk specifics? Any restrictions on the characters? I don’t want to bring a Chaotic Good person to a Lawful Evil party.

Also, do we want to keep this small? I have a couple of fun DnD people at my office who would get in on this if I offered it, I think.

Additional players are good with me, if you guys know them and know they play well with others.

Yeah, let’s talk specifics if you want! I’m going to homebrew the setting but everything in the PHB is an option, though the flavor might be slightly different.

If you guys are into “evil” characters, that’s fine, but we should make the whole party like that, like members of a criminal organization or something.

What kind of adventure do you guys want? Like, a solid old school dungeon crawl, or a lot of intrigue, or a combo?

I am down with other, invite them. :blush:

As for alignment/theme, dungeon-crawling is my number one pick. Would love to get attached to a steading that has ample work and adventure nearby. And that isn’t just maiki hoping in real life!

Let’s avoid evil, not feeling it. D&D evil is religious, and I can only stomach it if we are morally right in destroying it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Awesome! I’ll talk to them today/tomorrow about it.

Standard dungeon crawling sounds like a lot of fun to me.

I strongly agree! I just want a fountain from which endless interesting, and well-paying work springs forth. IRL and in game.

I’m thinking about using this nascent setting I’ve been developing, which is kind of a mix of Persian, Indian and ancient Mesopotamian influences, with some Greek and Roman stuff thrown in in the middle. It’s because I’m kind of tired of Tolkienesque fantasy. Are you guys cool with that?

Also, my default concept was kind of low-magic - most of the immediate region is populated by humans, non-humans are somewhat rare, and so is magic. There might be massive catacombs of ancient empires scattered about with strange beasts and ancient magic, but not every village is going to have a wizard’s tower and there are no Magic Item Shops.

(edit: the default assumption of 5e is that magic items are so rare and prized there isn’t really a formal economy for them, but you can find informal buyers with some effort.)

My concept for the starting area was once an Empire (Lost Hyrcania?), but about a century ago it failed (don’t know why) and what’s left are a few powerful city-states (Arambys, Opsikion, Gargano,etc), with mostly trackless wilderness in between haunted by monsters, spirits, yakshas, rakshasas (the Indian kind, not the tiger-headed kind), strange beasts and hidden secrets.

Does that sound fun? Or we can go totally epic mythic fantasy, or a lot of weird fantasy influences. I’m down for either.

Also if you guys want to pick one or two kind of big picture things to define about the world just spitball it here.

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How’s this for a prompt: You guys are part of a free company, one of many bands of scofflaws, cut-throats, gangs, mercenaries, soldiers, guardsfolk or straight-up heroes that roam the world, helping, protecting, extorting or profiting where they can. pick a name!

You’re on a small fast ship called the Sea Sparrow, on your way from Heliotrope, one of the island Jeweled Cities, to the village of Makhaira on the vast Isle of Kommagene. The local noble presiding over Makhaira sent out an urgent call for help to large nearby city-states, and you answered the call.

So we’ll start off with you guys knowing each other, at least a little bit.

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Sounds great to me! So, low magic, does that mean magic classes are not as common, or just a reference to the magic economy? Because I am more use to rare magic (magic dust trade is interesting, but not very thematic).

I will check the classes soon, but I like the idea of a swashbuckling-type, with some magic if possible. :slight_smile:

Rule number one: everyone can play anything they want from the PHB!

Elves, dwarves, tieflings and especially dragonborn are rare. Half elves, gnomes and halflings are almost unknown.

I’d say magic classes are uncommon. There might be a powerful wizard or sorcerer at the court of the Mirza of Aryambys, but not at the fishing village of Makhaira. The people in the region of Tund tell nervous stories about the time the Alabaster Empress swept down on ancient Hyrcania with her Nine, fantastically powerful sorcerers of old.

The people of Makhaira might, with some trepidation, visit the witch in the sea cave for healing, bone-setting and love potions, but it’s not like they’ve ever seen anyone cast fireball.

So like, same power ceiling, weighted bell curve of commonality.

There’s an Arcane Trickster rogue archetype that isn’t in the SRD, if Tim can’t get you the PDF soon, I’ll send you the details. But I’d just start as a rogue and not worry about it yet, since you don’t get Rogue Archetypes til 3rd level. I think there’s a swashbuckler path for the Fighter also…

I am at End Game cafe today, so I just walked over and read the chapter on rogue and arcane trickster, so yeah, I am signed up for that. :slight_smile:

Just to check - has anyone read any 5e adventures? I may loot published stuff, just want to make sure. Tim, if your friends join, please ask them too.

I haven’t! I played a pick up game at a shop once for an hour, that is the whole of my 5e experience.

@malatesta, have you seen the 2012 TV show Sinbad? It was the first thing that came to mind when you described the setting, basically happening to anywhere once could sail within a week from Malta (which is where it was also filmed!). They even had the one northern European barbarian rager guy, which felt somehow appropriate.

Do I need to create an account on Roll20, or can you create the game space and send an invite? I’d like to check out their character generator.

I haven’t either! Also, my friends can’t participate, so oh wells.

I need to make a game on Roll20 so you guys can make characters. I’ll post here when I have it set up.

I think you showed me a couple episodes of Sinbad but I don’t remember it all that well. But that sounds perfect! I’ll watch some eps for inspiration and turn up the Sinbad.

I think the 60s Sinbad and all those other Harryhausen-animated fantasy myth movies from the 60s are also subconscious influences on me…

Speaking of Sinbad, I confess I loved the cartoon from 2003.

Tim, I enjoyed that one too. Isn’t there a great sequence where the heroes slide down a snowy hill on a shield…

Okay, the game is set up, and two blank character sheets are there for you guys to use. I don’t think you’ll be able to edit it until I go in and tie your player names to the sheets, but you can fool around and see if you can add your own, and let me know if you have any issues.

The player link is here: https://app.roll20.net/join/1632765/eljtjw

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