What does a strategic retreat look like?

What does a strategic retreat look like? Is it a win if you can’t stand who you become in the process? Strategic retreat…

only if you realize you can’t stand it and then stop doing it later (a prereq is that you have comfort and stability enough to be able to choose to stop doing it). it’d be a win cuz you can say “i tried that and it sucks” instead of just “it sucks,” and you can pick out things that you liked.

strategic retreats are like a hackathon for systems, right? lots of brainpower. it’s just hard to feel a winning feeling if you don’t trust the brains you’re doing it with.

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I don’t like the word retreat because it feels like it’s giving up, even though that’s often not the case. I’ve heard… somewhere… it say “This isn’t a retreat, it’s an advance towards the rear” which is just sematics but I like it.

We were doing a thing, and it wasn’t working, so we’re advancing elsewhere!

Edited to add: A wise man once said, “We can never go back!”

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oh this tells you how warped my brain has become. i thought retreat meant “time away from normal life” and you were talking about planning / leadership retreats.

i’m thinking of strategically retreating from … this thread lol


I thought we were talking about moments in life when we’ve been fighting for a thing, and we’ve found that we need to not be in that fight any longer.

Yay English!

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I feel like you two somehow balance and counter each other in such a way as to not require any input from me. :sunglasses: