What Happened When We Created Daily Lists Of Our Successes

Kinda click-baity (I can’t recall an article that starts, “What Happened When…” worth the designator), but an interesting observation about forming the habit of listing ones accomplishments as a daily routine.

I am going to try it! Even if it is a small aside on my blog, I think I’d like to just quip on what I had been working on, because it helps me to draw correlations with what I’ve been thinking about.

I am not sure if I will ever have a standard sleep time, but I do realize that part of what keeps me up longer than I should is thinking without willpower, in the sense of decision-making. I have a Wii Fit Meter, so I know I pace about a mile each night in my apartment (which explains why I go through socks so quickly, and isn’t great when it is raining all the time…). My only recourse is writing down as much as I can get out of my head, so it feels okay shutting down.

Maybe if I got more into this as a routine, I could sleep earlier…