What image editors do you use?

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i would like to photoshop a certain egg over harry potter’s face as he reaches for a bitcoin snitch, where i just used the verb “photoshop” ironically as in “xerox instead of copy” or “kleenex instead of tissue.” what image editors should i attempt to use?

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Warning: I am not an an art person. I just know what works for me with the meager amateur graphics editing I have done over the years.

What image editors do you use?

Inkscape & the GNU Image Manipulation Program. Ive been playing around with Krita lately.

what image editors should i attempt to use?

In terms of FLOSS and knowing that your manipulating photos… Depending on your comfort level, and without knowing what OS you need this to run on id recommend Pinta or the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Can’t speak to non FLOSS editors. Haven’t used any in a very very long time… like pre 2000s really.


Photoshops existed before the application, and were used as verbs, I’m sure.

"I ran out of solution… gonna have to photoshop these last rolls! :slight_smile:

Same as Wes, Gimp and Inkscape. I have used others, for money. And just today I recommended against buying Photoshop; most image editing tasks are solved, and the latest Gimp looks just like the Photoshop everyone used in college 10+ years ago.

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Oh snap, should we get into vector versus rather editing, and the free tools?! :slight_smile:

I personally don’t like raster editing. I prefer vectors. I suspect because I deal with gaphics in my work more often, and Inkscape is my go to.

This came up because as I considered fulfilling the request (I’ll pass, I don’t get into non-MS-Paint for bits :slight_smile: ), I thought how I don’t like raster editing, and use GIMP to color correct and resize/crop, and not much else.

As an answer, I propose the following quests:


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