Where EU member states stand on upload filters and the “link tax”


Is there a majority?

To pass the Council, a law needs the support of at least 55% of member states, who together need to represent at least 65% of the EU population.

If only the countries marked above as opposing an article vote against the law, it is passed .

Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland and Slovenia voted against the proposal last timeif this opposition stands and Italy joins (which changed its stance under its new government), the proposal would narrowly be rejected , falling just shy of the 65% threshold (see a calculator here). The most influential and least sure vote is Germany’s.

The chart is not encouraging…

The idea that creators can be “protected” by banning them from sharing their works is perverse. If copyright is supposed to protect creators’ interests, it should protect all interests, including the interests of people who want their materials shared as widely as possible.