which wok?!

i want a wok, but i have no idea how to pick one.

You’re in luck because I’ve been obsessively watching this channel of Chinese cooking videos and they have a nice one about picking a wok right here.

Brothers Green Eats also has a video here that’s alright.

maiki gave me a nice wok once but I had to give it away when I left Berkeley. Right now I have a more Indian-style wok with a teflon coating we inherited from a former roommate. I think it’s literally this one. (In my native language a wok is called a “cheena chatti” which literally means “chinese pot”)

I don’t think the teflon transfers as much heat as a carbon steel wok? But it works alright and I make a good range of stuff in it, not just stirfrys. I also use it for curries and pasta sauces.


I love woks, because I love the least amount of dishes possible to clean. “You mean I just throw everything in this one pot?? Excellent!!”


new wok! i have begun seasoning it.


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tiny wok burn a few days ago. it’s healing fine!

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I see you are a man of culture as well.


@susan called me out first thing this morning! Wow! :face_with_monocle:

We also eat the veggie sausage pucks that are sold next to those potatoes. It is a complete TJ breakfast!

But so much waste. The potatoes come pre-oiled, but that means a foil package, so I don’t actually eat them every day. I try to ration them. They are very, very convenient.

I curled the hair on my hand at the fire the other day. :slight_smile: