Who even is Yahoo!?

Today I got a message I’m sure millions have received, but the opening is that I want to comment upon:

Thank you for your commitment to Yahoo and for helping us define the power of digital communities. Eighteen years ago, we combined the functionality of a site called eGroups.com with a precursor community platform called Yahoo Clubs to launch Yahoo Groups. Since then, you and millions of others have helped prove our hypothesis, by creating and joining more than 10 Million groups.

Who exactly is “we” in this scenario. I don’t even recall who owns Yahoo!, but I know it’s gone international at least once, which is my way of saying this is the wild west of user protections.

Anyhow… https://discourse.org.

Was this part of a message talking about the ending of life of yahoo groups.

I ask because some of the people I follow have been gnashing their teeth on this problem in a major way. In that the yahoo/verizon/oath/aol gestalt-megacorp has given virtually no time to archivists.

Yahoo groups often had the capacity to store files/documents too. There is a lot of digital content to archive, if it can happen in time. I know of supplemental content of atleast one RPG I need to look into for archiving.