Women in the Hobbyist Gaming Industry: 1975-Present — An Overview


When Shannon Appelcline Kickstarted Designers and Dragons, one set of patrons suggested he write on this topic. He also did one on women in the board gaming and war gaming sphere, here:


The women in roleplaying game article is a fast, broad overview, but includes a lot of material I knew very little about, particularly the role of women editors and designers in the TSR days, and women writers and editors outside TSR who were around practically from the beginning.

I can’t help but be slightly dubious of Appelcline’s attempt at data on women gamers at the outset; I think the generally accepted “maleness” of the hobby conspired to keep female gamers, designers and writers out of view.

I’m glad he added a postscript about the recent general backlash against non-male gamers and designers and how it’s made its way into the roleplaying sphere.