Word of the day blog?

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@kevin, I know I am sabotaging the forums, but I was thinking that the rather than a thread, maybe you’d want a category here… or a blog! Because I could build something pretty groovy for that. Interested? :slight_smile:

Absolutely I’m interested in fact I am spinning out of control and I need
to start taking some notes. The thing that I miss the most about Facebook
is my word of the day readers and the little conversations that wood
splinter off as a result of me posting a word every day. Not to mention the
fact that I was actually learning something about word origins. I would
like you to help me put together a blog and I will work on it daily. I also
think it would be a good outlet for me to post some of my poems because
without even trying I’ve been writing a poem or two every week. It’s just
that they’re usually existing only in text messages or email.

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Well, I have this domain that just popped up, prudence.io. I was thinking of making it a group site, but maybe I could run a multisite on it, and give out sub-domains. It would be very low-key, no bells and whistles as far as plugins go, but we could make it a place to just post thoughts and other meanderings.

Now that I am thinking about it, maybe I could make it a bit social network-y, but creating a prompt on the front for posting to the blog. That could be fun!

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I’ve been experimenting with email replies on my pro blog, and I think I’d like to use these forums as the discussion area instead. It already has the built-in email features, and I don’t really need a lot of conversations happening where I blog.

That leads me back to this subject, where we can use your site, which will just start up, as a test subject for cross-posting here.

What are you thinking about, a words-specific site, or a personal blog where you also post daily words? I personally don’t care, I just want to plan out the categories here on the talkgroup. If you do a personal blog, then maybe we need a blogs category, with a sub-category for each individual site that feeds into here.

If you are thinking of a words-specific site, we could do a language category or something, but it would have to stay words-centric, and that may not be your long term plans. But keep in mind that I spin up blogs in my sleep, so if you start posting words, and then decide to do something else, we can always spin up another site. :slight_smile:

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Let’s keep it word specific and see if there is enough interest to keep tending it. If we jump into something different, I am sure the loyal following will keep the conversation flowing.

I received a notice that my domain: scribe.works is going to expire in 60 days.

I registered it because I thought it would be neat to have a place to post some fiction, poetry, etc. I’m a little out of the loop if Wordpress MU is still a thing, or if we’d want to use it for that, but I would happily register it for another year if we want to use it for something.

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Hey, scribe.works is pretty cool! I wouldn’t mind hosting a multisite for that. We could run a site for story-telling purposes, and/or folks that want to explore language and journaling. @tim, this would be a good project for us to collaborate on, because I have the whole stack on lockdown, but the thing that keeps me from running other projects is going it alone. So if you want to get a multisite set up, spin off a new discussion from here and let me know. :slight_smile:

I would be willing to create an account and contribute to scribe.works. I’ll post all my everything there! It would be neat to see all that weird stuff out there. Yeah yeah!

bib·li·o·taph or bib·li·o·taphe [bib-lee-uh-taf, -tahf]

a person who caches or hoards books.
Origin: 1815–25; biblio- + Greek táphos burial; see epitaph

—Related forms
bib·li·o·taph·ic [bib-lee-uh-taf-ik] , adjective

Awesome! I am excited to get it up and working. I’m going to start with just shooting for small bits of poetry semi-regularly…

Great! We may need to institute a “haiku Tuesday”

Absolutely! I love me some haikus.

pro·pin·qui·ty [proh-ping-kwi-tee]


nearness in place; proximity.
nearness of relation; kinship.
affinity of nature; similarity.
nearness in time.
Origin: 1350–1400; Middle English propinquite < Latin propinquitās nearness, equivalent to propinqu(us) near (prop(e) near (see pro-1) + -inquus adj. suffix) + -itās -ity

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That’s interesting. Trying to think of how I could use it like that…

“My dental appointment has an unfortunate propinquity with your party.”

The propinquity of those two events is no coincidence!


Of course the propinquity of those children is fully explained by my former declaration!

And then…

I realize now how the propinquity of my declarations are undermined by my use of specific punctuation…!

gam·bol [gam-buh l]

—verb (used without object), gam·boled, gam·bol·ing or (especially British) gam·bolled, gam·bol·ling.

to skip about, as in dancing or playing; frolic.

a skipping or frisking about; frolic.
Origin: 1495–1505; earlier gambold, gambald, gamba(u)de < Middle French gambade; see gambade

Can be confused: gamble, gambol.


  1. spring, caper, frisk, romp.