Zone-out music for maiki

Yo peeps! I am looking for some music to zone out. Focused-work music, that kinda thing.

Here’s the deal: I got a new digital audio player, it is very fancy, and FLAC files sound super-great! But anything less than FLAC sounds kinda flat, because I am stepping up my music game, and I should have blogged about those already, but anyways…

I want some zone-out music in high-quality FLAC!

So if you have one or two of such an album, drop it on me:

Any music I put in rotation, I’ll support and promote and all that great stuff. :slight_smile:

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I shared a compilation of songs from the UK label Hyperdub.

I would love some recommendations if you have something to share,


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Don’t have much Flac lying around at the moment. I use flaac as an intermediate format mostly. (Download in Flac to convert to other formats). But next time I download or rip something ill be sure to share.

Which likely will be Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer actually… though im waiting a few weeks to buy it legit.

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Today I am listening to Pass Me the Chips ( I got a lot of music sent! So I am processing them one at a time. :slight_smile:

Dropping in three albums now. Enjoy!

(Happen to be re-encoding a bunch of music as I setup LibreSonic.)

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a friend showed me this album “faraway trains passing by” by ulrich schnauss once when we were waiting in bay bridge traffic. “this is my chill-out music,” he said. here’s the album, i suppose, though i don’t know how much audio quality having “full album HD” in the youtube title gets you. haha.

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