2011 GSoC projects

The projects that will take part in the 2011 Google Summer of Code have been chosen, and here are the ones that I am personally excited about (though you should check the complete list of projects, there are a lot more than I am following that are really cool).

In alphabetical order: Creative Commons, Drupal, EFF/Tor, K-9 Mail, Mozilla, StatusNet, (The) Battle for Wesnoth, VideoLAN, Wikimedia, WordPress, and XMPP.

In the massive linking in the above paragraph, all but two of the URLs end in .org (they are K-9, which is hosted on Google Code, and StatusNet, for an obvious reason). That says something about the projects and orgs that I follow. :slight_smile:

I am going to try to follow the blog reports for each of those this summer, I think they should have all the exposure, ideas and help they can get. Are there any projects on the list that you are watching? Am I the only geeky person who was waiting for that list?