2020 politics

Continuing the discussion from Memo in 1990s pollution case shows Elizabeth Warren in action as corporate consultant:

I don’t follow that assumption: Executive office should probably be random, for better results.

Not even being facetious: what about the executive office demands excellence, or even “good”.

If pressed I’d go for someone fascists hate. I’d love it if that was the sole requisite.

Also, the electoral college system. Does not matter who fronts, statisitically.

I’m getting all this out of my head to prep for the new year. I don’t want to fall into distraction with the games everyone will play on a suspicious, yet apparently helpless, public.

Absolutely nothing. I am talking in terms of pure electibility. By “best choice” I mean who could win the election, as the current system stands now.

Dems choose Candidate A, then repubs come out swinging via ads and such, highlighting parts of Candidate A’s past that hasn’t been laundered yet, and suddenly maybe those undecided voters aren’t leaning the dems way.

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I’m almost angry at a hypothetical voter that is undecided at this point.

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