$5 credit on Things from another World!

When I worked at Dark Horse Comics, I worked on this old site a lot. They are finally able to launch the new site on September 25. If you have an account before then, you will receive a $5 credit!

As someone who worked directly above the warehouse for TFAW, I can tell you everyone in there is super dedicated about comics and nerd culture, and they are crazy meticulous when it comes to making sure comics, statues, whatever you order comes to you in pristine fashion.


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And here I just listed my account on Things from another World as one I need to migrate on my great email quest; just the other day.

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I helped manage and improve their subscription services, did their mobile theming (85 templates) and broke the site in many ways! :smiley:

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Things from another World was one of my favored online comic book sites, durring some of my comic book collecting stints. Damn good for filling in a hole in a series if I fucked up the subscription at some point.

I finally parted with all, but a few runs of some especially dear comics; and maybe a dozen graphic novels. I had to really downsize both my comic collection and book collection in my last move.

I mostly stick to breaking the DRM on digital graphic novels these days. Though ive gotten bad at keeping up with current on any of the ones I follow. ( Had been bad at READING all my subs towards the end of dead-tree collecting too. )

Though im sure I can find something to spend that $5 on.

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