Did anybody else here snag the Racial Justice megapackage on itch?

There’s a huge amount of interesting neat games in there, and a small number of cool RPGs. There’s a hexmapper I’m intrigued about using for online RPGs.

I didn’t, and honestly I’m glad I missed it.

  • Racial Justice! :heart:
  • So many games!
  • Lots of cool game people

And OMFG having that many games delivered to me would drive me crazy. It’s like… if we can just hand out thousands of hours of entertainment units for so cheap, but have to in order to fund causes… my brain can’t handle it. Maybe it’s not the year for the maiki-gamer. :slight_smile:

Which one? :honey_pot:

I now have nearly 1800 games on itch and there is basically no way to navigate them. Someone did heroic work and made a doc of all the TTRPG items in the bundle, and there are some really great ones. I finally got Blades in the Dark, for example, and Lancer!

Here’s the hex mapper. There at least a couple kits in the bundle too. I’m trying to look for this really beautiful asset pack for Hex Kit but I can’t find it! The rest of this post is stuff that interests me that I paged past while trying to look for that specific asset pack. Update: I can’t find the specific pack in these 1800 items and I’m tired of looking!

There’s a really neat expansion for Ironsworn.

Lots and lots of cool pixel art assets like this.

This “system-agnostic” adventure looks superb.

Here’s a neat one I didn’t see before but just noticed flipping through the bundle looking for the hex kit links to send you.

Still flipping and came across Godsend, which I never noticed before! A really intriguing alternate setting for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins (which in turn is a really fascinating Apocalypse World reframing on a much longer - multigenerational - timeline).

A “game” for building a city.

A solo journaling game inspired by the first Alien movie.

A redesign to get D&D and similar games away from baked-in biological determinism/scientific racism/eugenicist roots.

This one seems like it would appeal to both of us.

At least a few | neat | zines.

Anti-colonial fantasy as revenge western based partially on a movie by the director of The Babadook? Sign me up

The unofficial Veronica Mars RPG

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I’m basically gonna quest every one of those… :slight_smile:

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If you want to try out a non-solo game that might work here let’s try it together, maybe I can drag in some other people!

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