Biohazard Games / creators of the Blue Planet RPG offer free gaming PDFs for folks who donate to social justice organizations.

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I know it’s a small thing in the face of such heartbreaking societal events, but it’s a small thing I can do.

For every donation of $20+ to your choice of social justice organization, I will send you a link to a PDF of a Biohazard Games product. Organizations that support Black Lives Matter, fight border detention, support medical workers, campaign for democracy or protect the environment - wherever you want to donate.

Just send me an email ( ) or a dm through Twitter (@BiohazardJeff) sharing where you donated and the product you want, and I will send you the link(s) to the book(s) of your choice. Anything in the Upwind or Blue Planet (1st &2nd ed) product lines is available.

Please take care of each other.

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