Anyone know of a sci-fi MUD? Anything launching soon?

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I feel that needs expanding, @trashHeap. :slight_smile:

Is it

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Yep that would be it. Ive not had a high success rate with a lot of muds. My interest tends to fall off rapidly but Starmourn looks promising and I want to give it a try.

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I dig the background. It is just this side of grim dark I can stand. The human blurb gave me this “Old Man’s War”-vibe, which I recall liking. :slight_smile:

How much does it cost to play? I can’t find that info anywhere.

Not entirely sure; I’ve been assuming it’s like other Iron Realms games where it’s free to play but certain aspects of the game have paywalls.

I haven’t played any of their games, and here is my impression: a lot of disgruntled players talk about this company. But the folks that enjoy the game seem reasonable. So I’ll listen to your experience. :slight_smile:

So, are the paywalls one off costs, or monthly fees?

Honestly don’t know? They look to be one offs, that can be conveniently subscribed to monthly at a discount for players who make use of them often. This would be my first Iron Realms game and I gotta spend some time digging into the realities of that. Ive skimmed the settings of a couple of their muds have appealed in the past; but theyve always seemed kind of intimidating to me in some way I can’t quite articulate. Ive followed them on and off durring development but havent seen them talk a whole lot about monetization.

What im getting at is I dont have any real iron realms experience. Their pricing scheme is also a bit different from other commercial muds ive tried. ( for example).

Some data is here: and Payment FAQ – Iron Realms Entertainment

Dumped any time in this yet, @trashheap? :slight_smile:

MAN, I should have I really should have but got distracted. I plan to still. I got a little to philosophical and then spent more time strategizing about the games I wanted to play than actually playing them over the holiday.

I just finished Ice Wind Dale and Heart of Winter, so I win! =P

It was on story mode, and the game did not hold up, so there’s that… it just made me want to MUD a lot. And make a twitch mud based on fantasy, but using a weird mechanism like fate dice to resolve rolls. We should do that! :slight_smile:

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