Discover Hulks & Horrors

Continuing the discussion from Discover MajiMonsters:

This one is a kind of D&D retroclone on D&D Basic Era (I think).

It however is a bit novel; in that it solves the age old “modifiers mean a whole lot and attributes don’t” criticism of D&D by converting the attributes into target numbers for a D20 roll under system.

Races are human, sapient bear; flying alien squid … and maybe a giant super intelligent snail in a molecular nano machine suit if im remembering correctly?

Setting is that your different sectors of space are open to “land rushes”. Where you can mine asteroids / find ancient lost cities / space stations / derilickt space hulks / of prior races and claim the loot for yourself.

It’s full of randomly generation systems for whole sectors filled with those things. With rules for starship construction too.

Players start off in dept due to the cost of their starship and are trying to pay it off.

It manages to be very straight forward and remarkably rules light while giving you enough generation systems to play endlessly. Could almost play solo and ive thought about giving it a whirl.

Author is hard to track down as they gender transitioned after publishing. Her current name is Annaia Berry, she was formerly known as John S Berry III. It’s the latter name which youll find circulating on places like DriveThruRPG with the book.