Make NWN-style combat module for Evennia

Hey @tim, let’s implement a system similar to combat in NWN, but in Evennia!

I had a shower thought, about how sometimes the models just stand there looking at each other as the computer figures out 18 character multi-attacks, and how that broke immersion for me as I became aware of the ticks AND HEY THAT IS JUST A MUD!

I know a lot of folks like the appeal of NWN is the visual world, and excellent grid- and tile-based builder, but that isn’t a priority for me. I’ve been playing D&D since the Gold Box games, and the thing I love is seeing the D&D rules play out in code.

On top of that, the current Evennia scene feels very open and diverse, as it applies to MU* experiences. Gameplay I know as “hack-and-slash”, yer Diku/LPMUD varieties, are now referred to as “twitchplay”.

This is a neat snapshot, because the same could be said of the NWN persistent world building community: they were given a “twitchy” engine, and constantly tweak it to be slower and more role-play-ey.

I personally like the twitchplay, but more than that, imagine if we build out character classes with unified mechanics based on the classes from NWN?! And then folks can easily customize their worlds with all those annoying rules they have, like permadeath, slow XP and enforced role-play :roll_eyes:.

Let me know if you are interested. Know that it will involve learning Python, how to MUD and hours of NWN “R&D”. :slight_smile:

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